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Mens Grand Prix Roster

Warren Muir (Half body) copy.png

Warren Muir

I started riding on Zwift in 2016, due to the cold winters in Canada. I have a sports background in ice hockey playing at the Junior A and College level. The competition of racing on Zwift hooked me. I loved being able to try new tactics and push myself as I have never done before because another race on zwift is only minutes/hours away. 

I'm currently the Supervisor of an Interventional Radiology Department, I can work all hours of the day and night due to the acute setting of the hospital and being on-call. Zwift has kept me competitive with its workouts and flexible racing schedule.

I have just had my most successful road cycling season ever, finishing 6th at the Canadian Pro National Time Trial championships and even beating a rider that went to the Tour de France in 2022. I'm looking forward to focusing on the new Premier Racing League, and getting to know my WLC teammates!

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Teppo Laurio (Half body) copy.png

Teppo Laurio

Teppo has been active Zwifter since 2017 and always finding ways to challenge himself on the bike and what better challenge than race the top dogs on the platform. He Everested couple times on Zwift and this summer IRL with a MTB on one of the most notorious local climbs.  Once he got so bored he rode with fixed gear solo from Finland to Paris, France. 3270km in 3 weeks.  He debuted in the Zwift Premier League in 2021/22 and because an immediate fan favorite with his combative racing style and his strong sprint yield numerous top 5 finishes.

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Chris Dawson (Half Body) copy.png

Chris Dawson

Chris has had a successful career on the road, mountain and in cyclocross.  He also debuted on Wahoo LeCol 2021/22 Premier League team and captivated audiences with his gutsy long distance attacks.  He was a frequent point scorer for the WLC team.  His results speak well for him:


1st National Championship Ireland                                                                                                        


2nd National Championships Ireland - Road Race  ('17)

18th KOM Tour de Yorkshire  ('19)

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Adrian Alvarado (Half body).png

Adrián Alvarado

At 31 years of age Adrián has spent more than half his life competing as an elite cyclist. For 10 of those years he was a member of the Chilean National Road Team. In 2009 he was Junior Pan American Road Champion. After that success, he was taken to Spain for 5 seasons, where he raced for Team Extremadura. Back in Chile, he became National Road Champion in 2018, and got the bronze medal in 2019. In the Spring of 2020, Adrián started exploring the world of Zwift as an effective training tool. As an elite cyclist and coach he has found it to be a valuable tool for himself and those he coaches. He is still an active member of the Chilean National Cycling Team. During the summer of 2022 he became a member of the Wahoo Le Col e-sports racing team.  He found a home at WLC where he has fit in wonderfully.

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Jan Steinmann (Half body) 2.png

Jan Steinmann 

During my youth I started competing for state titles in Tabletennis until I focused on cycling during my last year at school.

Mountainbiking then became my passion and was followed by many adventurours trips around the globe which led me into competing in cross country and marathon racing.

Once familiar with racing, the Roadbike and Zwift became my thing. Starting to train virtually it instantly became an addiction and  I started to race in the Premiere Division for 2 seasons. Now with a new Team and a new language it’s a challenge which I choose deliberately and Iam looking forward to compete and enjoy our time together!

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Calum O Connor (Half body) 2.png

Calum O'Connor

Calum is an Élite level road racer and professional cycling coach based in central France. 
On the road Calum has won a stage of the Boucle de Haute-Vienne, Podiumed at the Tour du Perigord in the Coupe de France and National Critérium of Limoges. 
Calum has been Zwifting since 2019 and active in the Grand Prix and Première leagues since 2021/2022
Living in central France Calum finds Zwift an excellent winter training tool and once the snows begin to fall can often be found racking up the KM on the longest and hilliest courses Zwift has to offer.

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Bjorn Andreasson (Half body).png

Bjørn Andreassen

I am the e-cycling World Champion. I started Zwifting in 2020 when the COVID-19 hit and there were no IRL races. After that, I have been very active in the dark and cold winter months. Normally I ride Zwift for the best Danish team, PoAuto Ceramicspeed, but this season I choose to step it up and ride the Grand Prix for Wahoo Le Col. This season I spent most of the summer traveling around with the Danish U23 MTB National team to most of the worldcups and other UCI MTB races in the EU. I ride Cyclocross, Gravel, Road, Zwift and Mountainbike.

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Hugo Viort (Half body) 2.png

Hugo Viort

"I discovered zwift during the pandemic in 2020 after several seasons in elite categories in France.

I immediately appreciated the efforts and especially the races.

I progressed to become one of the best specialists in my country. I participated in the world championships, won some great races.

Today I found a balance between work, my high-level road season and now "professional" e-cycling with strong team and great riders !

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Ben Meer (Half body) 2.png

Ben Meer

This is my first ZGP and I’m really excited to race for WLC.  I’m married to my wife Rylie and we have two sons, Lochlan (5.5yo) and Greyden(3.5o). We live in Columbus, Ohio (USA). In what seems like a previous life I raced half-iron and Ironman triathlons. I was a 5x Kona qualifier and half-iron world championship qualifier. I’ve won multiple state titles in road racing and TT. I mostly race gravel now and the occasional road race when they happen. 
I got into Zwift after Grey was born during the pandemic in 2020. I started racing with WLC in January 2023.  I love climbing and TTT. Hoping to not embarrass myself and I’m excited for my boys to “watch Dad race on tv.”

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Jamie Philpott (Half body) 2.png

Jamie Philpott

Hi, Im Jamie and this is my first year racing in the prem division for wahoo le col. Throughout university, I competed in triathlon with the nottingham and then Stirling University performance team before moving to cycling due to running injuries. I have always loved long rides out in the hills of the Peak District and Stirling and am currently racing the UK hill climb circuit, but after winning the wahoo le col club championships I started taking more of an interest in zwift and have decided to tackle a full season with the wahoo boys and i cant wait to get stuck in!

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